Woohoo! Review Time!

I am now officially a SororiTEA sister and here is a link to my first review! This tea definitely took me by surprise and now I want more.



For Five Years this page has been rusting..

Needing so much more than dusting….

Hello, all who still follow this blog. I am actually surprised that you do. So much life has happened but I am not in the mood to dwell on the past for too long. But for a brief recap, I went into the Army, got medically discharged. Then after two years, I took the plunge and started to pursue one of the dreams of higher education. I am now enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University to receive a BA in English Language and Literature.  Within the first couple of months, I then got into an honor society. And now I am writing you as a SororiTEA Sister and I am eagerly awaiting my first tea to review!

So consider this blog resurrected and soon I will resurrecting my YouTube channel as well!

Stay tuned!


The Book Hangover and the Lost Love

Hello my fellow bookworms it has been awhile hasn’t it? Have you missed me?

Well I am back! And yes I did miss you.

This blog is going to have two topics. I know exciting right? Get ready, here I go!

First up is the dreaded book hangover. Every bookworm has had this more than once. It is when you can’t start another book because you are still lost in the previous book’s world. Unlike traditional hangovers, this hangover can last anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on how much you have loved the book. I am still having my hangover from Jane Eyre and practically killing myself to find someone with a book by the Bronte sisters or wanting on my reserved book from the library to come in. I think the only cure for a book hangover is to go through it, but I have been kind of prolonging the end because I have been watching the movie over and over while re-reading certain excerpts from the book to relish the moments again :D. Anyway, here is the question: Who out there has ever had a book hangover and how did you deal with it?

The second topic is about lost love, and what I mean is the lost love of certain books. A week ago I have finally gotten a hold of the last installment of a series I have been reading since I was in seventh grade. It’s called The Vampire Kisses Series. I when I first started reading it I fell in love with every word printed and the sound of every page being turned. It used to take me a couple of hours to read but now the final book has taken more than a week to read. It is now sitting on my shelf more than a half of it read. Why? What changed? Well my only explanation is that I have grown older. The kooky, lovey dovey romance that the main characters Alexander Sterling and Raven Madison had have no interest for me now. Every thing about them now is just immature. My inner bookworm craves for adult romance, and plots that actually have meaning, not just “My boyfriend’s sister is coming to town and I am worried if she will like me.” Yeah, sounds dumb doesn’t it? Hey, but give me a break. Every reader probably has a series that they loved when they were kids but will never read again for the fact they have grown older. I remember reading The Series of Unfortunate Events but that obviously is too “kiddish” for my tastes now. So question: What book or books have ended up on your “Lost Love ” list?


Is the feeling I am getting right now as I hold the novel Great Expectations is my hand. Yes that is right my fellow bookworms I have finished yet another great piece of classical literature. Now it is time for a book review! 😀

Being a lover of romance I thought a book like Great Expectations by Charles Dickens was definitely not up my alley. But as it turns out it definitely was! Being that this book was placed in the 1800s in England I found that the terminology was a bit difficult but all in all such a great read!

This book is about the main character’s (Pip) hardships through life, starting from when he was a mere seven-year-old to a grown man. When I first opened the book I found it to be funny in the rages Pip’s sister goes through and the conversations that Pip and Joe (Pip’s sister’s husband) have. But along with humor I also found terror when I was with Pip in the graveyard at night. But Pip (later on) get’s told of having great expectations but the reader will never find out until much later in the story. Along with that, it is filled with jealousy, hatred, anticipation, regret, dashes of satire, sprinkles of comedy, symbolism and much more.

This novel is made up of three parts and witnesses Pip as follows: Part One: young child to adolescent. Part Two: His young adulthood in London. Part Three: His middle age adulthood. And with each part, I found many surprises and much anticipation lurking on every page! So I recommend this to anyone who loves classic literature. I think that this novel suits just about any taste.

There you have it my first every book review. So how was it? Feel free to comment!

Oh no papercut!

Sorry guys I had a bit of technical difficulties. But no problem all is well now it was just my browser being hinky. But as I was waiting for wordpress to work I read more of Great Expectations and Jane Eyre. And honestly I could not put the book down but sadly had to when I was falling asleep on every word (from exhaustion). But this is why I love classic literature and when I first started reading it, and that was how easy it was to comprehend.

We usually hear people say “Oh Shakespeare and stuff like that is too hard to understand.” That makes feel special in a way because I understand it. Every word written by Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, William Shakespeare and the like I understand and I also feel the tone of each word. It is an unworldly feeling that I can’t explain.

That is why I can’t do the “electronic” book worm. I love the feel of turning each page, the smell of the book (old or new), and the feeling that I get holding the finished book. Yes I do admit that a Kindle or a Nook is good when space is a concern but I wouldn’t give up physical books for the world. That is what I think people view as odd when they see that I am so young.

Your Classic bookworm,


Books, books, books, and more books

of imaginationHello all! I am obiviously new here so I wanted to introduce myself properly. I am Kara who is the biggest bookworm you’ll ever know. No I am not going to talk about reading ALL THE TIME. It will be a majority of the blog though. I will also talk of my ideas and I can’t wait to hear others as well. Very short blog I know. 😦 But don’t fret my dears I will be posting more in the future with topics such as reading, stereotypes, upcoming genres, world issues, the importance of the past on the future, and etc. Hope to see you soon!

With love,